San Diego, California September 13-18, 2015

Testing Mobile Devices' Unique Functionality

Michael Yudanin

One-hour webinar for a class Strategies for Testing Mobile Devices

Mobile devices today are no more cell phones with a few simple games and e-mail capability - they are full-blown computers that support critical functions. Smartphones are trusted with managing our contacts and financial transactions, maintaining medical records and safetydata, navigating and equipment management, just to name a few. With that, mobile devices provide a number of functionalities that pose particular challenges for testing, functionalities that are not common in the PC world or are implemented differently in mobile devices. Among these are orientation adjustment, gestures, location awareness, and barcode and check scanning. How do we plan and execute tests for these functionalities? How do we account not only for the functional aspects but also for the usability of smartphones having the said features? What aspects of these tests can and should be automated? What is the impact these tests have on the testing schedule and resources?These and other questions will be addressed during the webinar that gives a glimpse of one of the topics to be discussed in a full course.

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