San Diego, California September 13-18, 2015

Risk-Based Testing : What Does Strategy Have to Do With it

Clyneice Chaney

Testing is used in software development to reduce risks associated with a system. By testing, we hope to identify many of the problems before they get to the customer, thereby reducing the system' s risk. Unfortunately, even though testing alone can' t find all of the bugs, the rapid pace of application development today, challenges even the act of just completing testing.

The Gartner Group has estimated that " Companies spend upwards of 30% of their annual IS budgets and 60% of their annual software development budget on software testing." If testing can become more efficient by designing the minimum number of required tests with 100% functional coverage, then development ROI will substantially increase. Can risk based test management provide a solution to this problem?

Since it is not cost effective to test exhaustively, testing must be selectively planned. The basis for that selection can be risks, testing more thoroughly those areas that are projected to be riskier or to cause greater harm. This webinar focusses on how to plan for and develop a risk based testing strategy.

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