San Diego, California September 13-18, 2015

Improving the Test Process with Measurements

Alfred Sorkwitz

Learning Objectives

What Tom DeMarco said in 1982 is still true today, "you cannot control what you cannot measure".

In this short presentation you will learn how to use and interpret two important software metrics that can aid in controlling the test process by providing early visibility Into the 'real' status, and the quality of the test effort.


  • An overview of how a leading international corporation uses measurement data.
  • How s/w metrics can aid in testing.
  • An introduction of two s/w metrics that can aid in gaining control over the test process.
    • System test progress measurement
      • Tracks the ability to maintain schedule during system test phase
      • Tracks actual number of successfully completed tests against planned numbers of completions
    • Software defect measurement
      • Provides insight into the quality of the software, as well the developers ability to fix defects in a timely manner
      • Tracks the total number of defects found
      • Tracks the number of defects that have been successfully fixed, as well as the number that are still open.
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