San Diego, California September 13-18, 2015

Estimating and Controlling Test Projects

Robin Goldsmith

Estimating testing may seem too low-level to be a software quality management topic, but in fact test estimation difficulties significantly impact management of software quality. Testing takes roughly half of most development projects, yet too often it's still not sufficient for needed quality. No one seems to know how to estimate and then provide adequate testing, not senior management, not project management, and not even quality/testing management.

To be fair, all estimating is difficult; but test estimation seems even more so. This interactive webinar explains the main reasons that make any kind of estimates wrong, elaborates the particular characteristics of testing that exacerbate these problems, and shows secrets of making test estimates that are more accurate, reliable, and most importantly understandable.

  • Identify how testing currently commonly is estimated and what difference it makes.
  • Describe key elements of estimation and how they are especially troublesome for testing.
  • Suggest more effective approaches to address each of testing's biggest estimation challenges.
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